[VIDEO] Entrevista a Fernando Brito por e-photoreview

Fernando Brito habla de su trabajo “Tus pasos se perdieron con el paisaje” en entrevista para e-photoreview.

Tus pasos se perdieron
con el paisaje

Becoming part of everyday life, violence has reached unimaginable levels. A series of mass murders have made society immune. Violence has become a show with spectators that disagree with events yet fail to speak up in the face of injustice. They agree to become part of this everyday setting, and regarding the corpses as guilty, without knowing anything about their background, simply because of their polemic deaths, making instant links and judging in order to justify their deaths. The idea of this project is to show a person lying on the ground, a person leaving his family and relatives grieving over his loss. It attempts to prove that a human being is not just a number and to show that something is wrong, that this sort of death is not normal and to try and increase people’s sensitivity. This series, “Your Steps were Lost in the Landscape”, attempts to raise awareness and encourage people to reflect on what is happening in the country.


[Interview by Monica Virgis]

“Tus pasos se perdieron con el paisaje” le valió a Brito el premio de la XIV Bienal de Fotografía organizada por el Centro de la Imagen y el Premio Descubrimientos PHE 2011.

(Via Centro de la Imagen)

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